Gastric Band Hypnosis

About gastric band surgery

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There's no doubt that gastric band surgery is a serious undertaking. With a 70 per cent success rate, many people are willing to risk it, despite the hefty AUD$10,000 cost.

Gastric band hypnosis, on the other hand, has an 80 per cent success rate, plus it's safer at a fraction of the cost.

Who qualifies for gastric band hypnosis?

As with the real surgery, gastric band hypnosis works best for people who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 35+, have tried everything to lose weight but have failed, and are 100 per cent committed to lose weight once and for all.

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What's involved in gastric band hypnosis?

My procedure involves the following:

  • FREE consultation to assess your suitability
  • Four hypnosis sessions, each one no more than a week apart
  • A follow-up session eight weeks later.

Changing your relationship to food and to yourself are the main components of success. And, of course, the bottom line is the quality of the food you eat.

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